Realisitic wound representation

One of our focal points in the SpecialFX area is the depiction of wounds, injuries, accidental wounds, etc. We can draw on many years of experience in countless operations. Our main focus here is on combat injuries or operational injuries. That’s why we don’t call ourselves RUND (or RUD) but rather as Tactical Realistic Wound Representation (TRWD).

For us, this also includes (if desired) equipping the actors with the appropriate clothing or equipment that belongs to the scenario, including the scenic coordination with the wound, etc. This also includes putting on certain rescue equipment or simulating it. We would be happy to advise you in advance.

Some examples of the most common injuries depicted:

  • Gunshot wounds of any kind (socket, graze, Durchschuss)
  • Cuts of any kind, size and origin
  • Splinter injuries of any kind – from small fragments to shrapnel to flat wounds
  • Injuries from explosive charges, IED and other explosions
  • Burn injuries of various degrees including burn blister, skin detachments, etc.
  • Specific head injuries (open mouth / jaw, head laceration)
  • Open throar or extensive throat wound with exposed trachea
  • Hematoma and body trauma
  • Amputee injury or ruptore of limbs (in cooperation with real amputee actors)

Our wound portfolio includes 21 specially designed transfer wound forms and 5 special forms from the USA. We also build our prostheses ourselves and have access to silicone materials.

The images below are just a few examples.

Warning: The following images contain illustrations of injuries

We work with materials specially developed for the SFX makeup area and thanks to our equipment and our experience, many wounds can be realized in a very short time, i.e. can be used quickly. During use, these can be quickly reprocessed.

It goes without saying that we only work with tested and compatible material. Hygiene is the top priority – not just since Corona. This also includes making sure that the performers have no real wounds on their skin or dermatological abnormalities

We are always open to suggestions and ideas for new injury patterns and are happy to develop suitable concepts with our customers. At the beginning of each order there is advice as the key to a successful order.