Selfdefense / Krav Maga

We are also happy to offer private training or group training in the field of self-defence. Here we rely on the Krav Maga system from Krav Maga Global (under Eyal Yanilov) where our instructor learned. However, we are no longer active here or are currently reorienting ourselves.

Brief career of our instructor (in the field of martial arts):

  • 13 Jahre lang Kav Maga (unter KMG)
  • seit 2013 Luta Livre & BJJ Training
  • seit 2015 MMA Training
  • seit 2017 Instructor for Kids und General Instrutor Adult
  • 2018 – VIP & Third Party Protection Instructor
  • 2019 – Combat & Fighting Instructor
  • 2020 – Mindset Instructor

Through the experience of almost 6 years of active training of different groups (age 4 – 65 years), the combination of MMA and floor techniques, we try to offer the most realistic training possible. In addition, we also incorporate our experience from our years of work with the military and scenario training.

If you have any questions, just send us a short message or an email and we will be happy to help you find the right one.