Special SFX Projects / Items

Here you will find the items we have further developed or prepared for special projects. These products make the representation even more realistic and can be booked with a deployment or purchased directly. We would be happy to respond specifically to your wishes.

Amputated limbs after explosion

Especially for attacks or explosions, we offer high-quality, handmade body parts that are completely built in-house. This includes torn legs (still in the shoe), hands or fingers.

We are happy to manufacture these according to customer requirements and are also available for sale.

Liner for amputee performers

To ensure that torn limbs look realistic on the actors, they wear silicone stumps.
These can also be modeled directly onto existing liners or onto extra dies. The actor only needs to put them on and is therefore more flexible than with a completely made-up stump.

We are also happy to produce these according to customer requirements. For more information please contact us directly

Shelled protective plate

We currently have a selection of bulletproof protective plates in our range, which have different grades. Some are shot through, some just dented – ideal for body trauma.

It is both ceramic and steel plates.

Burnt Helmet (BW Model)

Our specially prepared Bundeswehr helmet for burn injuries. With charred straps, buckle and helmet side on the left.

More helmets are planned.

Damaged plate carriers (body armor)

Suitable for our shot at plates, we also have the plate carriers. In addition to black, multicam and olive colors, some special models are currently being added. This area is constantly being expanded. The plate carriers are from Condor Outdoor USA.