Dynamic Basic Weapons Manipulation Course – Pistol & Carbine

Date & Duration: 3 Days

Price: 1100 euros all inclusive

Instructors: Romulus Mihu (ESA Benelux Instructor/Representative), TacPro Instructor Team

Course content:
The course is designed to show our participants how to work with multiple weapon systems. In this case with a semi-automatic pistol (Glock 17/19) and AR15 / AK47 rifles, in a dynamic/tactical environment.

This course starts with pistol and rifle basics and builds from the bottom up. Over the course of the three days, the basic knowledge is taught and shooting skills as well as safe handling are developed.

The training will implement the basics to build confidence with AR15/AK47 and Glock firearms. In addition, all participants go through tactical shooting exercises that can be used in high Rikso environments.

Weapons and ammunition:
Weapons: Glock 19/17/ AR15 / AK47
Ammo: 9mm – 300 rounds. / 5.56mm – 125rds. / 7.62mm – 25 rounds

Teaching Methods:
The course consists of theoretical and practical parts. The majority takes place directly on the shooting range.

No firearms experience is required. Participation is open to everyone. Minimum age 18 years.

Equipment: Sturdy / tactical belt, tactical clothing and boots (e.g. First Tactical, 5.11, UF Pro, Helikon etc..)
Optional: Ballistic plate carrier or vest with pockets for AK47/AR15 magazines, helmet or tactical cap, goggles (shooting glasses), active hearing protection, combat gloves and knee pads Clothing according to the current climate conditions and seasons

Hotel (***), spacious two-bed rooms, full board (in the hotel or in restaurants), free parking in front of the house ESA training facility 2-3 bed rooms, full board, gym, wifi

Training locations:
Spacious indoor range with seminar room and outdoor shooting range