TacProSFX training/seminar terms and conditions

Below are the terms and conditions of the company TacProSFX (organizer)

1. Registration for events

Registration can be done in the following ways:
– WhatsApp, email or contact form

To do this, the registration form must be filled out and sent back to with a signed scan or photo. Telephone registration is not possible. The registration is only binding or firm after confirmation by TacProSFX.

2. Method of payment

Payment is made exclusively by bank transfer to one of the two companies:
Head Instructor Romulus Mihu in Luxembourg
This depends on which event is taking place. The bank details will be sent after the registration form and confirmation have been submitted. The subject should be the name of the event and the name of the participant. The booked event must be paid for within 7 days, otherwise the reserved space will be released again.


On the part of the organizer
The organizer is entitled to cancel the training sessions at any time due to special circumstances. In this case, the participant gets his money back or can rebook to a new date. Further claims for damages cannot be made.

On the part of the participant
The cancellation must be made in writing (e-mail), no precise reason is to be given. The following deadlines then apply:

  • Up to 28 days – Refund up to 100%
  • Up to 14 days – refund up to 50%
  • Less than 14 days – No refund

However, you can rebook to a new course with the same content up to 14 days in advance instead of a refund. However, this is only possible if a written cancellation is made. In individual cases, the organizer can come to an accommodating solution.

4. Force Majeure

In the event that the organizer is unable to conduct a training course according to the schedule due to force majeure, strike, riot, terrorism, civil war, calamity, fire, flood, explosion, accident, labor strike, epidemic, pandemic or other (causes , which are reasonably beyond its control), the organizer reserves the right to reschedule a training session to another date and consequently to take into account the customer’s payment for the rescheduled training date.

5. Principles during training

The following principles relate to the behavior of the participant. He is obliged to comply with the following rules:

  1. The instructions of the instructors must always be followed
  2. Fire protection and safety rules on the premises or at the training locations must be observed
  3. No alcohol consumption on the training ground or during exercises
  4. Smoking only in the designated areas and times
  5. No participation under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  6. In principle, there is a photo and film ban (recording possible on request/arrangement)
  7. Other participants or groups must not be hindered in the training or accommodation

If a participant violates one of the rules, they can be excluded from the training. In doing so, he loses all rights to the training and no refund of his fees.

6. Course of the seminar

The course of the seminar/content will take place as announced; however, the instructors, for practical or logistical reasons, may deviate from the timing and material used. This will be communicated to the participants in a timely manner.

7. Damage / Liability

The organizer is not liable for lost, abandoned or stolen items belonging to participants.

The participant is liable for damage caused by carelessness or carelessness in the training rooms or the equipment used.
Each competitor must inform staff immediately should they discover that a situation arises which could endanger the life, health or other competitor.
Participation in training courses/seminars is at your own risk.

8. Rental Equipment

The participant can rent equipment on site, this is included in the fees. These must be cleaned and returned in good condition. Any damage caused by improper use is at the expense of the participant.

9. Discount

It is up to the organizer to give a discount on one of the courses. There is no blanket discount or obligation to do so.

10. Accommodation / Meals

The participants will be accommodated in training facilities or hotels (depending on the location) in rooms with up to 3 beds. Unless otherwise stated, it is full board, whereby the meal times may depend on the event and are not fixed.

Place of jurisdiction is Nuremberg

General terms and conditions as of July 2022