Film / Theater / Stage

Of course, we are also happy to professionally realize your special effects in the field of film and stage.

Regardless of whether it is a small dedicated project in the hobby area, theater productions or larger film projects. We are happy to be your contact and will find a solution for many things.

We primarily offer the following:

Makeup SFX Blood & Gore
Our strengths clearly lie in the representation of injuries and wounds of all kinds. You can find an overview here

Advice and outfitting with clothing/equipment
Especially in the military/paramilitary/sovereign authority sector, we have a very well-founded knowledge of the equipment of modern military units/soldiers or emergency services. This is also due to the fact that with Tactical Protection Gear we have been successfully operating a well-founded online shop with corresponding articles for many years.
Therefore, we are happy to incorporate our knowledge and the required equipment into our offer. We fall back directly on a large selection of well-known manufacturers. We have tested a large number of our articles ourselves for their suitability for use.

Advice on the correct behavior of military personnel
How do you hold a gun correctly? How do you wear certain gear? weapon change? behavior in the team etc. These are all questions that can arise if the appearance is to appear professional. Through years of training and cooperation with various international organizations, we can draw on a wide range of knowledge.