Do you need pyrotechnic effects? We are certified stage pyrotechnicians with permission from §7 of the Explosives Act (German law) and are qualified to carry them out properly.

Our strengths lie in operational training for authorities, the military, private security forces, etc. Here we work specifically with the following effects or simulations

  • Explosions of all kinds e.g. IED
  • Missile strikes
  • Attack simulations (Dust / Smoke / Fire)
  • Explosions in vehicles
  • Bang simulations
  • Mortar fire
  • Attack by an assassin (suicider) with an imitation explosive vest (controlled explosion is triggered by an actor in front of the trainees)
  • §Attack by an assassin who i involved in the scenario e.g. as a local (controlled explosion triggered by a cast member)

If you don’t find the right effect, just contact us and we’ll be happy to develop something here.

Below are some examples: